Achi Batain In Urdu

Achi Batain” is a common phrase used in Urdu to refer to wise sayings or proverbs. These sayings are usually short, pithy and carry a deeper meaning or moral lesson. Achi Batain are often used in everyday conversations, speeches, and writing to convey wisdom, guidance, or to inspire others. They can cover a wide range of topics including life, love, friendship, family, success, and spirituality. Some of the most well-known Achi Batain include “actions speak louder than words”, “time heals all wounds”, and “honesty is the best policy”. By reflecting on these wise sayings, individuals can gain insight into the human experience and improve their personal and professional lives.

دوسروں کی مدد کرنا، بڑے اعمال میں سے ایک ہے۔

Dusron Ki Madad Karna , Bare Aamal Mein Se Aik Hai

Translation: Helping others is one of the greatest deeds

کوئی آپ سے بدتر نہیں، اپنی زندگی میں صبر کریں۔

Koi Aap Say Badtar Nahi , Apni Zindagi Mein Sabar Karen .

Translation: No one is worse than you, be patient in your life.

کام کرو، دنیا کو دکھاؤ نہیں۔

Kaam Karo, Duniya Ko Dikhao Nahi..

Translation: Do your work, don’t show off to the world

خوشی بھی آتی ہے، غم بھی، گزر جائے گا۔

Khushi Bhi Aati He, Gham Bhi Guzar Jayega..

Translation: Happiness and sorrow both come, they shall pass

آنے والےکل کے لئے خوش رہو، گزشتہ کی فکر مت کرو۔

Aane Waly Kal Ke Liye Khush Raho, Ghuzashta Ki Fikar Mat Karo..

Translation: Be happy for the coming tomorrow, don’t worry about the past.

زندگی کی سب سے بڑی خوبصورتی، خود کو اچھا بنانا ہے۔

Zindagi Ki Sab Say Bari Khubsoorti , Khud Ko Acha Banana He..

Translation: The biggest beauty of life is to make oneself better

تمہارے لئے زندگی، اس حد تک ہے، جتنا تم خود کے لئے سوچتے ہو۔

Tumhary Liye Zindagi, Us Hadh Tak He, Jitna Tum Khud KE Liye Sochty Ho …

Translation: Life is only as much as you think for yourself

گر آپ اپنے دل کی سنتے ہیں، تو دوسروں کی بھی سنتے رہیں۔

Agr Ap Apny Dil Ki Sunty Hen, To Dusron Ki BHi Sunty Rahen …

Translation: If you listen to your heart, keep listening to others’ hearts as well

سمجھو گے تو معنی پائے جاؤ گے۔

Samjho Ge To Maani Paaye Jaogy ..

Translation: If you understand, you will find meaning

آپ اپنی لکھی ہوئی تقدیر کے خلاف نہیں لڑ سکتے، بلکہ اسے پر اعتماد رکھیں۔

Ap Apni Likhi Huwi TAQDEER K Khilaf Nahi Larr Sakty , Balky Usay Pur Aitmad Rakhen ..

Translation: You cannot fight against your written destiny, rather have faith in it

In conclusion, “Achi Batain” are a valuable part of the Urdu language and culture. These wise sayings or proverbs provide insight and guidance on various aspects of life and can be applied to a wide range of situations. They are a source of inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for individuals seeking to improve their lives. The continued use and transmission of “Achi Batain” is important for preserving and passing on the wisdom of previous generations to future ones. Overall, these sayings serve as a reminder that timeless truths and principles continue to hold relevance and value in our ever-changing world.

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